The Offer

Investment Solution

An investment portfolio solution that is designed to meet the needs of both advisers and investors. Operating as a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA), Stonewall will implement the solution according to your requirements.

Super Solution

Leverage off all the advantages of the MDA solution – within a retail super environment. Designed as a public offer superannuation fund, it can cater for accumulation, account-based pension and transition to retirement (TTR) pension accounts to help build your superannuation savings and draw a pension in retirement.

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Why Use Stonewall Capital

Stonewall specialises in enabling financial planning groups to implement their own managed account solution for their clients, with full control over the service including:


Your choice of design and brand


You control the final cost to client

Asset Types

A range of asset types that can be managed via the Service


Build your own Portfolios or outsource, such is the flexibility

Benefits to
Your Clients

All the benefits of direct ownership

Your clients directly hold the assets in their Managed Account and retain beneficial ownership. They have the benefits of direct ownership such as portability and full benefits of franking credits from dividend payments.


Your clients can view and monitor all the underlying securities, transactions, fees and tax position in their Account at any time.

Maintain your client’s unique tax position

Not only is it important to choose the right investments but choosing the right accounting method to treat those investments is critical. As each client’s tax needs are unique, the service provides the ability to nominate a methodology from a range of options which will assist with their tax position.

Professional Portfolio Management

Every Investment Option is managed by an experienced Investment Manager with each Investment Manager undergoing a due diligence process.


Your clients can move ‘in specie’ other securities in and out of the service and between portfolios in most cases without triggering a capital gains tax event.

Using the Stonewall MDA individuals have the benefit of an added layer of security with a highly experienced investment sitting in the engine room.