Stonewall is a high conviction, benchmark unaware Investment Manager who employs a capital preservation focus.

Stonewall will select investments that align with its macro view. Stonewall can match the objectives, time-frame and investor comfort with the assets held when constructing portfolios while aiming to reduce risk through the diversification of assets across companies, fund managers, industries, sectors, countries and geographic regions.

Stonewall will invest in direct investments wherever possible but will use managed funds and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) where investment in direct assets is not viable and/or cost effective. When investing in managed funds and ETFs, Stonewall Capital will use independent external research to select the best investments that meet its objectives.

Stonewall’s listed securities selection methodology is based on a fundamental bottom up approach, with a focus on industry dynamics, competitive position, management quality, balance sheet strength and reasonable valuations. Stonewall uses a strong thematic approach based on its economic and sectoral views and tends to focus on quality growth companies at reasonable valuations.

Stonewall may also elect to appoint specialist investment managers to manage a direct investment mandate. Specialist investment managers will only be used where Stonewall forms the view that its’ in house investment capability cannot achieve the desired outcome. Stonewall will undertake thorough due diligence on any specialist investment manager it selects.