Stonewall is a high conviction, benchmark unaware investment manager, managed by an Investment Committee of experienced, hands on professionals.

Portfolio Construction

Stonewall constructs a range of portfolios to suit the objectives, investment timeframes and investment profiles of individual investors. Those portfolios contain a blend of investments with the aim of reducing investment volatility by diversification across sectors, industries, geographic regions, countries and managers with investment styles suited to conditions prevailing at that time.

Monitoring the Changing Investment Environment

The Investment Committee monitors Australian and global economic and market conditions and applies a dynamic approach to allocations to specific asset classes and investment selections within those classes. When the monitoring detects changes in conditions, Stonewall may exit or reduce some positions to preserve past gains and move investment toward positions which, in Stonewall’s view, have higher probability for future returns.

Research and Analysis

Before engaging an investment manager, Stonewall’s analysts undertake thorough due diligence, including personal interviews and assessment of the manager’s research and financial resources, capability and experience of personnel, quality of its investment strategy and the consistency of its implementation.

Investment Selection

Stonewall selects managed funds, exchange traded funds (ETFs) and other investments suited to its investment objectives, based on independent external research to identify best of breed investment managers and investments in each investment category.