The Administrator

Investment Administration Services Pty Limited (IAS) is the operator of the Stonewall Managed Account Service.

IAS’s responsibilities include:

  • establishing Account;
  • appointing Stonewall to manage your portfolios;
  • providing custodial appointment of sub-custodians investments on your behalf;
  • holding cash on your behalf
  • maintaining a record of investments for your Managed Account;
  • providing you and your Financial Adviser with online reporting on the investments in your Managed Account;
  • managing the corporate actions which may arise from the investments and crediting the cash holding in your Managed Account;
  • recording income you have received on the investments in your Managed Account;
  • arranging for payments you have authorised to be made;
  • calculating and deducting fees for your Managed Account;


IAS is licensed by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission to provide custody services to clients. IAS has appointed one or more sub-custodians to hold the investments in your Managed Account on your behalf.