Managed Accounts

What Are Managed Accounts?

A Managed Account is an investment with a number of specific features which can benefit you and your client.

Your clients beneficially own the investments in their Managed Account allowing for full flow-through of all dividends and franking credits

The Investment Manager develops a Portfolio which reflects the investment objectives and approach of the selected Investment Option. Your clients Portfolio applies these same rules.

You can select a tax methodology that suits your clients best. Select from six different tax methodologies. Investing in an equity IMA allows flexibility on cost base when selling down.

The day to day administration of running direct portfolios is managed by professionals: Investment Managers manage your client’s portfolio, a Custodian HSBC holds the investments and cash on your behalf, and IAS as administrator operates your Managed Account including;

    • - all reporting and record keeping, and
    • - providing online resources to help you administer and track your investments.
Investment and Superannuation

The Offer

Investment Solution

An investment portfolio solution that is designed to meet the needs of both advisers and investors. Operating as a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA), Stonewall will implement the solution according to your requirements.

Super Solution

Leverage off all the advantages of the MDA solution – within a retail super environment. Designed as a public offer superannuation fund, it can cater for accumulation, account-based pension and transition to retirement (TTR) pension accounts to help build your superannuation savings and draw a pension in retirement.